Set of 5 Binga Basket Wall baskets


Binga Baskets set of 5! You will get one of each size. XL- 22 inches L- 20 inches M- 18 inches S- 14 inches XS - 11 inches (Sizes may vary a little bit) 

Binga Baskets are traditionally used by the Tonga people to winnowing grains, who are located in Zimbabwe.

It can be displayed on your wall as it is, or combined with other wall art. The possibilities are endless with these beautiful baskets.  

Binga Baskets will be random patterns and styles, according to available stock. ( Not the only ones in the photos in the listing) We will carefully pick your baskets for you.  They make beautiful gifts and give a great boho vibe to your space.

Care and Cleaning: Wipe Baskets with a damp cloth where necessary. Do not expose baskets to direct sunlight for discolouring may happen. Baskets should be kept away from damp places or where they can get wet.