• The Batiqua Difference - Our Product Techniques

    We are pleased to preserve the traditional batik technique, indigenous to the Zimbabwean people, through our team comprising of batik artists, painters, and tailors.  Our model is simply to use the skills we've learned to establish further economic good through a talented community. The extraordinary, ingenious batik technique is rooted in the staple food of Zimbabwe, called sadza [basically cooked cornmeal]. So unique that each piece, though similar, is different in display. The unique crackle effect on our textiles allow for the "touch" of each artist to be "cooked" into the product.

    A thin layer of porridge is applied to create the designs. As it hardens, it cracks, leaving room for some paint to penetrate the fabric once painted. The fabric (barkweave - which we create by weaving strands of cotton yarn together) is washed and the excess porridge scraped off the cloth, leaving some parts which resist the paint. The resulting effect is extraordinary with every fabric having its own crackle effect and identity. The cloth is dried (either in the sun, or in a custom built heater) before the tailors get to work in constructing the unique products you see in various stores and homes today - anything from cushion covers to bed spreads. See the link below to watch the video of how products are individually created.

  • How do I take care of my BATIQUA batik products?

    Our batiks can be hand or machine washed at room temperature (or with cold water). Our colors do not run out, but we do suggest you hang to dry so the cotton doesn't shrink. Iron warm, and treat it like a premium cotton shirt.

  • What is the difference between cotton fabric and barkweave?

    The main difference lies in the texture. Barkweave fabric is rough in texture because of the weaving technique we use. The barkweave products are usually fringed at the edges.
    Cotton, on the other hand is much smoother. All our cotton is 100% produced in Zimbabwe.

  • I am a retailer and I would like to find out if you wholesale any of your collections?

    We have created the wholesale member section to assist in your inquiry.
    You may also choose to contact us with your requests and we would be happy to assist you with setting up an account for your business.