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Your Recipe For Success

What is your best year yet? See the BATIQUA stories that inspire and the culture that builds winning teams around the world. We encourage our tribe to be the change they want to see - In other words, ignite your inner social entrepreneur-self and build opportunities for others in the best way you know how.
  • We provide a gateway for individuals, families, and businesses to impact local and international communities through fair trade.
  • Our ethically hand crafted porridge products will inspire you, your family, and your customers.
  • Embrace the opportunity to create a meaningful career that makes a difference for you and for your communities.

    A Business That Says "YOU" Impact

    • Build a flexible income stream with proven techniques that allow for as much growth as you would like (don't forget to gift-back to those around you).
    • Decide how much you want to work, earn, and contribute.
    • Receive your own e-commerce web page to facilitate fair trade sales.

    Untapped Opportunities

    • Where you find people, you find community many of whom are looking for ways to give into a great cause.
    • We don't ask you to quit a 9-5. We're creating the opportunity for you to maximize your 6-1.
    • Not everyone is a great customer. But every great customer is someone.

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