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Founded by Linda Adimora, a Zimbabwe born entrepreneur, Batiqua provides eco-friendly and sustainably made home decor. All textiles are handmade in Zimbabwe by a team of 18 artisans. All designs are curated by Linda Adimora herself and are unique to each product. Batiqua’s products are currently available through the eCommerce website, and will soon be available in the Chilliwack brick-and-mortar store, opening March 2022. Linda is super excited to meet her amazing customers in person, where she can personally assist with finding the perfect pieces for all of her customers and their unique spaces.  Batiqua is a Black female-owned company that ethically sources and produces artisan made and sustainable textiles for home decor. All of Batiqua’s unique pieces are inspired by the contemporary influences from Linda's global travels and rich African heritage. Batiqua offers pillows, placemats, wall hangings, and table runners that are all machine washable, 100% handmade and hand painted using traditional artistry and production techniques.   Batiqua is founded as a fair trade social enterprise with the mission to empower marginalized artisans into sustainable employment opportunities. We strongly believe in supporting the growth and improvement of the artisan’s livelihoods and communities in Zimbabwe. We continue to develop future entrepreneurs similar to those that contribute to our brand, as we believe in providing growth opportunities for the artisans to create their own businesses to further support their own communities.

Batiqua provides direct to market opportunities for the artisans we support while providing our customers with the best quality handmade textiles. Batiqua is local in heart, and global with the support of our amazing customers. Our products have found a home in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. We are so excited to see what other countries and homes find our beautiful textiles as we continue to grow our passion for home decor.  Each item is handmade in Zimbabwe by a team of 18 talented artisans. You can meet our artisans through our “artisan” tab to learn more about each incredible member of our team. To create these textiles, the artisans use the Zimbabwean Batik technique; a method that is indigenous to the Zimbabwean people. This technique utilizes sadza, a porridge that is made from cooked cornmeal. The porridge is then painted onto handmade bark weave fabric to create the design. Once hardened, the paint cracks, allowing the colours to penetrate deep into the fabric, transforming this art into the beautiful textiles that Batiqua sells.

Key messages:   Batiqua empowers marginalized artisans with sustainable employment opportunities. Batiqua produces unique, high-quality textiles that fit any space, while still being eco-friendly and sustainable. Batiqua is relational before transactional.  Standardized values throughout all processes at Batiqua: Fair trade Eco-friendly practices Socially impactful Ethically sourced Artisan empowerment Batiqua's mission: To provide beautiful, unique, and quality textiles, while empowering marginalized artisans in Zimbabwe with sustainable employment opportunities

Hi, my name is Linda, and I'm the SOULpreneur & social entrepreneur behind BATIQUA! As a proud Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur, I am so excited to share my amazing handmade textiles with you. Batiqua's unique pillow covers, placemats, table runners, and wall hangings add beauty to any space! I'm directly involved in the design process, where I love to create high-quality and aesthetically pleasing textiles. My designs are inspired by the contemporary influences from my global travels, my community, and my rich African heritage. My textiles are handmade by my talented team of artisans, who use the Zimbabwean Batik technique. Our products are designed to fit any space while still being eco-friendly and sustainable. We are honoured to supply home decor products, while continuing to provide sustainable jobs for our team of artisans in my home country, Zimbabwe.