Medium Binga Wall Baskets


Measuring between 14 and 15 inches in diameter...

Binga Baskets, also known as Tonga Baskets, are a traditional craft of the BaTonga people in Zimbabwes Binga Area. These handcrafted baskets are woven with natural and locally harvested materials such as wild grasses, small vines, and palm leaves. Each basket is unique, showcasing a craft perfected over generations.

These beautiful baskets can be hung in any room of your home - living room, dining room, or bedroom. They make a stunning addition to any decor and are a perfect gift for those who appreciate African art and culture.

To keep your Binga Baskets looking their best, simply wipe them with a damp cloth when necessary. Avoid exposing the baskets to direct sunlight or damp areas. If the baskets come into contact with water, allow them to dry out immediately to prevent the growth of mold.

At Batiqua, we are proud to offer authentic Binga Baskets that are fair trade and ethically sourced

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