Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts


Introducing the perfect match for your Batiqua pillow covers - our cushion inserts!
These inserts come in various sizes and are designed for ultimate comfort and support, making your cushions even cozier. Transform your living space with these cushion inserts and experience the best in comfort and style.

Microfiber Pillow Open

Experience the luxury of down without any of the allergies with our Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts. Made with 100% hypoallergenic polyester microfiber fill and enclosed in a 100% cotton down-proof cover, these inserts offer the perfect balance of comfort and practicality. You wont even be able to tell the difference between our inserts and real down, but with the added bonus of avoiding pesky feather shafts. Treat yourself to the best nights sleep with our high-quality pillow inserts.